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Sliding transport: history of ideas

Brief description: In the course of studying the history of off-road transport for the northern wilderness, the researchers gathered a unique collection of visual analytical drawings showing various ideas and technologies of travelling over snow. They are all united by one principle  – sliding: from ancient but still functional skis to fantastic and nearly forgotten «snowmobiles». For presenting the history and esthetics of snow-going vehicles, a new visual language was proposed – «contextual visualization» or «an epoch produces a thing»: technical information is accompanied with immersion into the historical context, thus forming a systemic view on the history of technologies and equipment. The key role in data analysis and processing belongs to digital visualization whereby images of “transport characters” are conveyed by means of 2d and 3d modeling. Most of these images are currently available only as archival photos, drawings and museum exhibits.   

Authors: Denis Kukanov, Julia Kon’kova, Nikolai Garin, Svetlana Kravchuk

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