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«Zubr» (Bison) off-road vehicle

«ZUBR» (the Russian word for ‘bison’) is an articulated-body off-roader with a short wheel-base.

Author: Nikita Klyusov

«ZUBR» (the Russian word for ‘bison’) is an articulated-body off-roader with a short wheel-base. It is highly maneuverable owing to the Mecanum wheels and is capable of making a U-turn on the spot.

This off-road vehicle is enclosed and has a carriage body similar to the «SHERP» cross-country model. The metal-section frame carries the body, engine, suspension, wheels, etc. The body, ensuring protection against weather and insects, is made by a die-stamping process which does not require any further finishing of parts. Since the vehicle has no large pneumatic wheels performing the shock-absorbing function, it can be provided with a hydropneumatic suspension. In addition to dampening, this type of suspension allows the clearance to be varied depending on terrain. The wheel (disk) can be made of fiber-reinforced plastic, which is advisable consider the complex construction of the wheel and high load on it. Advanced disk-manufacturing technologies can help reduce the weight of the wheel substantially and increase its ruggedness and flexibility. As has been mentioned, when making a U-turn on the spot, the wheels do not damage the humus layer thanks to their light weight and absence of metal parts. To reduce the weight further and ensure that the vehicle meets the ‘eco’ status, the engine and transmission should be replaced with an electric motor and/or a hybrid drive. The vehicle’s low centre of gravity and hydropneumatic suspension enable driving along slopes without the risk of rolling over.

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