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Co-authorship method

Objective of use

to create conditions for a creative contribution from the user to the development of an absolutely new object/product for oneself. The co-authorship method presents construction of a context for designing while part of the design work is realized by the user from the set of components, “semi-finished products”, using the instructions developed by designers.

The essence of the method

it is based on the natural ability of man to improve and tailor things and technologies to «fit» his needs by identifying «weaknesses» as a potentiality for improvement, find new uses, etc. The methods itself is realized as an asynchronous sequence of actions/iterations: designers suggest a certain provocative solution which is then modified and improved by users; the designers then get feedback on how it was implemented in the object, resolve problems or propose new provocations; the users pick them up and continue, etc. The iterative process of working, as a rule, happens in real settings and is not limited in time.

Expected outcome

the method results in a thing which is still unfinished while the process of endless modifications and adaptations of the object to the user’s needs and to the environment has and can have no final solution. In this case, the product «grows out» beyond being a commodity and turns into a «live» object, literally animated by its owner and co-author.

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