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Factors method


to develop an informative and comprehensive brief for designing a mass-produced/batch product: perform an analysis of the form and technical structure of a DIY off-road vehicle in order to elicit the local factors that are important for developing a light-weight off-road transport. In design, these factors are called form-generating – they make up the basis of the design process to resolve the issue of travelling where there are no roads.

The essence of the method

it is a sequence of analytical actions of browsing (mentally) through all links between the form of the product and the conditions of its functioning in the environment. The list of actions is characterized by step-by-step transition from identification of explicit (obvious, visible) factors to concealed ones, from passive contemplation of the form to its active apprehension:

1. The identification and analysis of the form’s explicit features characterizes the product as a whole and in its details, followed by an analysis of form-generating aspects down to conclusive uncovering of the obvious dependence of the form on form-generating factors;

2. An analysis of concealed factors participating in form-generation by «contrasting» - form transformation and modification;

3. An analysis of form-generating factors by interfering in the integrity of the form (taking out some of the parts, disassembling it part by part, etc.)

Expected outcome

the method reveals the array of environmental factors that are most characteristic of a particular area. In so doing, there is no need to describe or note or take into account individual factors (cold, damp, wind, etc.); of greater importance is the unique combination of factors, their inter-relations and respective form-generating techniques that have become traditional for the indigenous culture. Knowledge of these combinations provides the designers with exhaustive information for handling design problems, with a ready-made program/algorithm of form-building. The tangible embodiment of this algorithm is a product with a clear/ideal destination. It should be noted that for each remote region of the country there is its own combination of factors and respective system of form-generation techniques.

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